“Cindy’s passionate desire to help people and her capacity to offer unconditional love and compassion is perhaps her most admirable quality. Observing her work with people is truly a beautiful experience. She is worth every minute!”
B. Lewinski, Charlotte, NC

“Cindy has unwavering strength of character, and people rely on her and look to her for help. Her facilitation is eclectic, creative, electric, moving & passionate and she brings both humor and poignancy to her workshops. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”
D. Morris, Sandwich, MA

“I loved every minute and left with hope and promise.”
S. Scriven, Brooklyn, NY

“An amazing speaker. Cindy is full of love, wisdom and compassion. I would see her over and over again.”
G. Hunt, Plymouth, MA

“Cindy is a vibrant, outgoing individual who has a talent for relating to people with a genuineness that is so unblemished and humble. She has an unwavering strength of character that speaks to the heart. Cindy is gentle, yet vivacious, enthusiastic & giving. I walked away with tremendous hope.”
S. Rhine, NY, NY

“An incredible talent! Warm, dynamic, genuine, full of life! Her courage is heart-stopping, her humbleness abounding. A wonderful workshop.”
M. Cormen, Phoenix, Arizona

“You were so prolific in what you shared with me. You helped me more that you will ever know. I am so grateful.”
D. Aceto, Cape Cod, MA

“Thank you for all your help. A wonderful seminar. I have more hope.”
L. Mong, Shanghai, China

“Inspiring, warm, generous and incredibly loving. Hard to believe how one woman who has suffered so many tragedies can offer unconditional light & hope to others with such dignity and grace. A resplendent and moving talk.”
L. Currie, Sarasota, FL

“A gifted speaker and lecturer. I cried and I laughed and I cried some more and I laughed even harder. Cindy is so completely real and down-to-earth. Her depth and knowledge about loss and hope is inspiring. Her raw vulnerability and her humility is touching and wonderfully moving. For the first time in a long time I felt the promise of hope.”
D. Gill, Boston, MA

"Cindy’s journey was amazing to hear. Her talk was comforting and thought provoking."
Ann Caswell, Cape Cod