Getting Beyond Life Stuff

The grieving process is an opportunity for boundless personal growth.

As a motivational speaker, author, and licensed psychotherapist—specializing in grief, loss, and hope—I am continually inspired by our ability to transcend emotional despair and reclaim a deep and loving connection to living.

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I am Cindy Barg, a dynamic and internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, retreat leader, licensed psychotherapist, and published author. After a series of devastating life experiences, including a life-altering phone call, the brutal murder of my brother and a shocking murder trial - my existence was completely splintered.

Through my own grief and healing process, I have experienced extraordinary conversations and signs from the other side, confirming that those who have passed are still with us . . . finding gifts in the struggle. I share my journey with local and international audiences to provide hope and inspiration for others moving through the grieving process.

Achieving your greatest potential to live fully requires love, forgiveness, and truth.

“Inspiring, warm, generous and incredibly loving. Hard to believe how one woman who has suffered so many tragedies can offer unconditional light & hope to others with such dignity and grace. A resplendent and moving talk.”


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