Who I am


Many of us long to embody our heart’s deepest knowing despite our circumstances. These are compelling times for all individuals to awaken to the truth of our being, own our magic and to honor ourselves. If you wish to deepen your connection to loving passionately, to live life from a pure authentic splendor, offering a balance of deep inquiry as well as time to untangle complexities, I will help guide you as you will learn the process of surrendering as you heal on a physical,emotional and spiritual level.

I have been privy to some of the most profound moments of joy and pain in this lifetime. I suppose it is what I choose to do with these experiences that makes all the difference in the world. Not always easy, I know. In essence, I am still continuing to unfold and with more humility to boot. My life and my work have afforded me wonderful opportunities to encourage hope throughout the world, here in the USA and in India, China, Canada and Malaysia. As a published author, public speaker, and an intuitive & licensed psychotherapist, specializing in grief, loss & hope for over 22 years, I am continually and deeply moved by my clients’ abilities to transcend emotional despair into a glorious transformation of self-love.

Hope is what makes the impossible seem possible. If you are willing to stretch, I will help you to go beyond your limitations, regardless of your circumstances. You will release the shadows of your past in order to harness your authenticity. In a very compassionate & loving atmosphere, we will journey together as you will reclaim a deep connection to living, grasping & gathering the threads of your life with a dignified hope.

I invite you to invest yourself, step out, let go and be loved & nurtured to a higher level of meaning in your life. I look forward to working with you.