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POMC National Conference

Between Heaven & Earth: Signs From Heaven

A beautifully moving, riveting and powerful presentation that will ignite your belief that the soul never dies. In 1995, Cindy’s older brother was murdered, one of the worst atrocities ever to have taken place in the state of Massachusetts. Through her grief and healing, Cindy has experienced extraordinary conversations and signs from the other side, confirming that those that have passed are still with us. There is no written manual of how to survive this earthly plane after losing a loved one. While spiritual insight about life after death will not eliminate your grief, it can change your grieving experience from one of hopeless, distress and fear to one of hope, comfort and peace. What actually happens when your loved one dies? Cindy shares her experiences with national and international audiences with the intent that her journey will provide hope and inspiration to others while moving through the grieving process. Q & A at the end.

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